Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It'll always depend...

I'm seating in front of the computer while munching on this delicious KFC Twister, thinking of what to write. I have already read some blogs about Twister, and since I'm a Pizza lover, yeah, I like them. I was thinking and suddenly my cellphone beeped . . reading . . reading . . a friend sent me a quote, which I think I'll be sharing.

"It's better to enjoy life committing mistakes and learn. Rather than playing safe in your entire life, and learn nothing at all."
It's true, all of us make mistakes, and when we've hurt someone we say "I'm Sorry". But really, isn't this sentence been used for about millions of years; for a million of times? Sabi nga nila, "GASGAS" na! Pero malimit parin nating sinasabi? Bakit? Because it was taught to us. Bata pa lang tayo lagi na sating tinuturo na mag-sorry kapag nakasakit ka ng kapwa.

But to think, lagi na lang ba tayong ganito? Sige, gagawa na lang ako ng kasalanan, tutal, pwede naman magsorry in the end. Laging ganito dba? It's alright to make a mistake dahil meron word na SORRY.

Hays, hindi ko alam san patutungo ang blog na ito, and maybe I care less. Kasi, even though may taong gumawa ng kasalanan sakin, eventually I'd forgive them. It'll depend nga lang sa degree ng ginawa nya. It'll depend if that person is important or not. It'll depend how much I love them. It'll always depend.

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