Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It'll always depend...

I'm seating in front of the computer while munching on this delicious KFC Twister, thinking of what to write. I have already read some blogs about Twister, and since I'm a Pizza lover, yeah, I like them. I was thinking and suddenly my cellphone beeped . . reading . . reading . . a friend sent me a quote, which I think I'll be sharing.

"It's better to enjoy life committing mistakes and learn. Rather than playing safe in your entire life, and learn nothing at all."
It's true, all of us make mistakes, and when we've hurt someone we say "I'm Sorry". But really, isn't this sentence been used for about millions of years; for a million of times? Sabi nga nila, "GASGAS" na! Pero malimit parin nating sinasabi? Bakit? Because it was taught to us. Bata pa lang tayo lagi na sating tinuturo na mag-sorry kapag nakasakit ka ng kapwa.

But to think, lagi na lang ba tayong ganito? Sige, gagawa na lang ako ng kasalanan, tutal, pwede naman magsorry in the end. Laging ganito dba? It's alright to make a mistake dahil meron word na SORRY.

Hays, hindi ko alam san patutungo ang blog na ito, and maybe I care less. Kasi, even though may taong gumawa ng kasalanan sakin, eventually I'd forgive them. It'll depend nga lang sa degree ng ginawa nya. It'll depend if that person is important or not. It'll depend how much I love them. It'll always depend.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At Long Last

I know people, all I do is rant about Sean Biggerstaff. Right on, how could you be so not supportive? Anyways, I'm happy, I checked Sean's MB and guess what...YES, you guessed it, his MB is working again. And it's the best thing that happened to me today...??? Or was it.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I received this letter, something fishy?

It came from someone named Musa Garuba.

So, I googled it and guess what I found... SCAM!
I'm not dumb to believe things like this nowadays. This is a public service announcement from me to you!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY Sean Biggerstaff

It's been a while since I had the chance to log in Sean's message board. I constantly try to see if it's working again, but to no avail, my heart only gets "broken". Especially now that it's the 15th of March and it's his 26th Birthday. For starters, I'd like to greet him a Happy Birthday (all though it's very unpractical to do this - since there is less chance he could read this).

What do I do now? Write a poem for him or a song maybe, like most fans will do. And yes, it's true, I'm very much like "most fans", but I'd like to skip that for now and maybe just paste and paste and paste pictures I so much love staring at. (Portuch!) And try this link... The Sean Biggerstaff Portuch

Okay, that's not all, but I don't want you to think I'm soooo addicted to him. (,,,,hmmm,,,,).
Oh, dear, I think I'm having Seanitis now!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought I was alone...

I turned 22 last March 7, 2009. Life at this age is all about "responsibility", specially to a 22 year old graduate like me.

Enough of these things, all I want to say today is, about six or eight days ago, I found out I'm not the only girl named ZYRA. Indeed, I was amazed when I met a girl, via one of the forums I'm a regular in, whose name is ZYRA. And vise versa, she was too.

I believe she lives in New York with her parents and her little brother. I got to check her out in her Deviant account every now and then. (but I'm not sure about this information yet). And in case about her picture, I still have to ask her if I could copy it and paste it here.

To this girl, who I share a name with. It's nice meeting you Zyra, I thought I was alone....


Says it all...the problem? I can't Log in SBMB (Sean Biggerstaff Message Board), and now I'm starting to go mad. Good thing I"m enjoying playing in Weasley's Wizard Wheezes (Games and Trivia) over at and I'm enjoying looking at pictures of Smaug at CoE forum.

But still seriously, I've been patient enough, but...*breaths deeply* know what i mean. Anyways, I'm still happy, bought a pair of good jeans earlier with my college best friends - Aby and Charieh. Then, got hungry and went to eat at McDonald. Fast Food, i know, but who's to blame us?

I think I'll share something, a text message sent to me earlier by "someone". I know what you're thinking, but get a hold of yourself, I thought I told you I'm single?(Have I really?)

Here it is...
The good thing about saying nothing is that you lessen the tendency to hurt others. The bad thing is you never realize how keeping quiet hurts you.
Did it hit you like it did to me? Whatever your answer is, I hope you won't go mad and hurt yourself. If ever I hit a nerve, I'm sorry, sharing is already a part of me. (Explain your complaints to the blogs)

Don't You Just Hate It?

I hate tonight? Why? I'm starting to feel as if I'm a vampire or starting to be one. Got insomnia I guess.

So here's some things I came up with...

Don't You Just Hate It?

don't you just hate it,
when all of a sudden you feel as if
life is just slipping away from you?

don't you just hate it,
when you thought someone liked you,
but in the end they'll say you deserve someone else?
(or they deserve someone else)

don't you just hate it,
when you've learned to love someone,
whom you know you can't have?

don't you just hate it,
when HE comes into your life
only to say good bye and to break your heart?

don't you just hate it,
when all you want is to forget about him
but he lurks inside of you like a parasite?

don't you just hate it,
when you decide to move on and forget about him
but he comes back to say "I'm here to stay" ....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You

Been a many days was it? I was just busy with "Role Playing" in SnitchSeeker. Care to know how it's doing? I believe I have a link. Just to add a bit of "spoiler alert" before you click on it, it's for those who LOVES/LIKES Harry Potter. It's too obvious, is it not? Duh!

Well, anyways, to cut to the chase, all I want to say right now is "Thank You"; to all who follows this blog(all?), to those people who had time to greet me a Happy Birthday(last March 7 - or even late greeters), to friends who cares for me and me alone?!^^Jhosel, Bhing, Sarah, Ruth(where are you dear?), Aby, Lean, Karla, Rea, Nookie, Leonel, Ryan, Rhoda, Rael, Ella, Macon, Aaron(c/o Macon), Dennis, Dorothy, Dadie Ken, Charieh, Allen, Digoy and if I forgot you I'm sorry, I think I need to take Memo na!, to my family of course, to SnitchSeeker, Council-of-Elrond forum, badgers of Sean Biggerstaff Message Board(SBMB)--which is by the way, the page is constantly not working for me and some members right now and anyone who wants to be included, just send me a text message or call me (that is if you know my number), so that I could edit this post and include you.

Now back to regular programming, I'll try poking around SBMB after this - crosses fingers, hoping the page will be okay, check out threads in CoE forum and SnitchSeeker, and at exactly 10AM try not to be stubborn and cook!...Im starving!...

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Role Playing

Role Playing?

Care to find out what it is? Really, it's as simple as creating a character, maybe someone who's either your total twin or maybe your opposite. ^^ It's hard at first but, it'll depend on you really, if you've got the "talent"/perseverance and patience. Oh well, all said and done. If you want cool examples just follow links I've provided at Eeyore's Corner. ^-^ Oh, and those are actually forums not actually "a link" to Role Playing threads. It'll be your job to find it. Go on, you can do it! Hope you'll love it. ^_^

Sunday, March 1, 2009

22 Random Thoughts

Hurray! I'm turning 22 this coming March...if it's worth celebrating, that's my first birthday that I'm single and it's worth something for me...haha, really...

I've decided to make a little something today(tonight)...let's do random thoughts...22 things i could think of...starting now...

1. Sean Biggerstaff 2. switchfoot - this is your life 3. registered nurses? 4. Reunion 5. Jhosel, Sarah, Ruth, Bhing and Khakie 6. pillows(sleepy?) 7. CASHBACK 8. SIMs 3 9. Aby and Lean/ Verna and Ava 10. BOYFRIEND? 11. Questions for SEAN 12. Culinary Arts vs Medical Transcriptionist 13. Quidditch 14. NCS 1 15. 16. Primrose 17. 18. Aryz Lendel and Sean Broudel 19. Why am I that addicted to this name?(Sean) 20. God's Gracious Gift 21. Heart Breaker 22. Thank you for reading!

I Lost It

i just lost the first blog i here i am, putting it all together...and hope this works...