Thursday, March 12, 2009

I thought I was alone...

I turned 22 last March 7, 2009. Life at this age is all about "responsibility", specially to a 22 year old graduate like me.

Enough of these things, all I want to say today is, about six or eight days ago, I found out I'm not the only girl named ZYRA. Indeed, I was amazed when I met a girl, via one of the forums I'm a regular in, whose name is ZYRA. And vise versa, she was too.

I believe she lives in New York with her parents and her little brother. I got to check her out in her Deviant account every now and then. (but I'm not sure about this information yet). And in case about her picture, I still have to ask her if I could copy it and paste it here.

To this girl, who I share a name with. It's nice meeting you Zyra, I thought I was alone....


  1. like i thought i was too..

    ahehe. may mga kapangalan din kasi ako. as in the same spelling din. and guess what.. lalaki sila. ahehe.

    niwies. ayos lang naman kahit ilang zyra pa sila. nagiisang zyra ka man sa vandals.. ayyiee.

  2. Hi Zyra,

    Belated Happy B-day!
    Thanks for commenting at my page.

    No, you are not alone. ^_^
    care to xchange links? add na kita ha.. Tenchu!