Monday, March 16, 2009


I received this letter, something fishy?

It came from someone named Musa Garuba.

So, I googled it and guess what I found... SCAM!
I'm not dumb to believe things like this nowadays. This is a public service announcement from me to you!


  1. oh yea. spam talaga yan.. nasendan na din ako ng ganyan a couple of times.. iba ibang version.. may african, may scottish.. and one time may nag mail samin.. as in yung snail mail, hindi email ah.. addressed kay papa.. kesyo may certain richard mendique daw na nagiwan ng huge amount of money blah blah.. grabe talaga ngayon.. gagawin ang lahat para makapang loko.. tsk tsk. but we know better kea i believe konti na lang ang naniniwala sa mga ganyan.. haiz buhay. ahahay!

  2. Oo nga, kaya nga minsan, what if totoo na noh? and you missed it because of these felons? Anyways, as long as you know what to do in times like this.

    P.S. are you having problems with YM? Me oo, kainis nga ejh...

  3. i dunno. nagrereformat pc ng friend nia si papa so di ako mkapaginternet.. nakisingit lang nga ako ngayon using the other CPU. la pa dito sa YM so i cant tell. pero this morning before i went out i was able to check my YM pa.. around 8am. but i logged out din and lumabas.. i just arrived ngayon.

  4. Yes, don't let yourself victimized by scams..

    By the way, I git you tagged to do something. Please visit my blog for more info.


  5. Hi Zyra,
    I hope gawin mo yong tag ko sayo ah.. hehe.. yes i love Nescafe Choco Fudge!! Thanks for appreciating my penmanship. Are you being hunted by someone or is it the cops? hahah..